America's First Response
21704 Devonshire ST #163
Chatsworth, CA 91311
PPO# 17882
Phone: (800) 492-3864

Frequently Asked questions

What type of security guards do you have?

We provide trained, certified, licensed and extensively screened armed and unarmed guards for commercial, industrial and residential properties.

What type of insurance does your business have?

We carry a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy..

Is America's First Response fully licensed?

Yes America's First Response is fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

How do you screen your guards?

America's First Response conducts a complete background check, reference check, government E-verify check, and drug screening for each prospective employee.

What new technology does America's First Response use?

We use a computerized system called Guard Scan that allows our clients to track their security guards on an hourly basis. In addition, tools such as computerized digital photos and videos and a variety of tracking software allow America's First Response to remain on the cutting edge of security services. We also evaluate our technology needs on a monthly basis, assessing whether any new technology might be helpful in protecting our clients' assets.

How long are your contracts for?

We have month-to-month basis contracts and long term it all depends on client needs and preference.

Do you offer short-term contracts?


Are your rates competitive?

We have cost-effective rates which do not limit the quality of service we provide. America's First Response has the best rates in southern California, we can match and or beat anyone's price guaranteed.

How do you supervise your guards?

America's First Response guards are required to check in and out with a dispatcher. In addition, our Field Supervisor conducts random checks on all the guards.

What type of uniform do your guards wear?

Each of our guards wears a black jacket and black slacks, with a black, long-sleeved shirt in the winter and a white shirt in the summer.

What type of equipment do your guards carry?

America's First Response Guard carries a duty belt, which includes a set of handcuffs, and flashlight. Additional equipment is available depending on the client's request and the nature of the job.

Is the same guard always assigned to my account or do you rotate them?

Our operation's policy is to assign the same guards to the same accounts, but if a client requests that we rotate the guards, we are happy to do so.